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Now you can  ensure you're seen and your message heard with your own professional video and reap the benefits. 


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Here are examples of videos we shot from various professions.

Lending Company

Service Industry

Listen to what Stephanie has to say of what Hands-Free Communications can do for your business!

Listen to what Craig has to say about the loans Mortgage

Equity Partners offer!

What are you waiting for? Get it now!

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or call at 617-359-8584.

You create your script, if you need help we can provide sample or for an additional cost we can write one for you

More About This Service

Step 1

So if you have a brand new business who needs a video for your site or an established business that doesn’t have the resources or time to create one... Now here’s your chance. Our camera, lights, and equipment from our video production facility will be there ready to film you! 

Step  3

We set up time to talk and prepare and plan for your shoot

Step 2

We film it, at your office or for additional cost we can provide a studio and send you a copy of the video to download when the edits are done

Thanks for the opportunity to try out your services! You guys were super nice, great to work with and very professional and such high quality stuff!

- Jax Adele, Owner & Founder