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What the heck do we do?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014
Hey, Robert here. A lot of times folks ask us, “Just what the heck do you do?” Pardon us if this sounds too much like an elevator pitch. We specialize in promotional videos for all clients, big and small, to be used on their web site and to be incorporated in their marketing programs. But, it doesn't stop there. We've worked on commercial videos, product videos, testimonial videos, and much more. 

 In fact, here's a sample of what we do.


How do we stand out? What makes us different from other Boston video production companies? We can safely say that no other Boston video production company gets confused with another company with a similar name in Australia. (You'd be surprised the number of inquires we get from the "Land Down Under".) All joking aside, the answer is communication. Quite simply, who knows your company better than yourself. So before we start with any project, it's key for us to talk with you to get a thorough understanding of your goals and objectives with your video.

This first conversation is critical to avoid any misunderstanding and ensure that we have the proper resources and crew members needed for your dynamic video. It's like any other conversation you have with your colleagues to ensure success with your goals and objectives. In a way, we're an extension of your business. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call, and we'll make it happen!!!

The 25 Days of Gratitude” challenge

Tuesday, December 09, 2014
Hey everyone Robert here.  

With the holidays upon us, it's very easy to succumb to the holiday pressures, and that could take on all forms. Examples such as buying that great gift for your brother, or wrapping up all your projects before you go on your holiday vacation.  I'll admit I'm guilty of it, with that said, I thought I pass on a unique challenge that I stumble upon from Pete Peloquin, as told by Ben Follen.  Below is an excerpt of Pete's article.   

I'm grateful for the article that Pete put together for us, and for you taking the time to give us a read here, or checking us on our Facebook, Google+, Twitter & Linkedin. What are you grateful for?   

Words from Pete:
The holiday season is upon us. With it come’s a lot of difficult choices. What not to eat. Who to buy gifts for? What gift is right gift? How much to spend? How am I going to afford this? Spread our selfs thin trying to go to every party. The list can get really long really fast. The stress that comes with the season can be just as overwhelming as finding the “perfect gift”.I was inspired today by a few events that happened and the way I decide to react to them. I will spare you the details, but a new challenge is what came out of the inspiration.I challenge each and every one of you to “The 25 Days of Gratitude” challenge.

The rules are easy

Every time you have a stressful thought that has to do with buying a gift you must think of one reason you are grateful for that person who will be receiving the gift. 

(For the complete list of rules, please click on the Christmas tree below)


mixed emotions

Thursday, December 04, 2014

I learned from my brother that the local store a block away from me is facing the possibility of demolition, which I hope it doesn't happen,   

It was part of my childhood, I just remember enjoy going over there grabbing penny candy, buying baseball cards, wacky packages, and even trick or treat there for Halloween. The prior owner Charlie Nichols, was just a real great guy, and treated his customer as if they're his own kin.

What surprised me is the columnist had embedded a video I shot last year when I cover the bench dedication to the prior owner. Normally I jump for joy when I see people put the word out that's unsolicited, but it's not the type of solicitation I had in mind. 

All I hope is that every effort can be done to save Charlie's Store, and if you know what's being done to fight the demolition, please let us at Sha La La la Production know. 



Click Here for the link to the article, and Click below to watch the video that was shot last year.